Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory


Main activities: 

  • Processing of (multi)functional materials by conventional and unconventional lithographic methods.
  • Design and fabrication of micro and nanostructured multifunctional devices.
  • Surface functionalization and characterization.
  • Study of the spatial confinement effect on the properties of self-organizing materials.

The laboratory of micro and nanofabrication is equipped with following instruments:

  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM) Bruker Multimode 8 is used for morphological, electrical and mechanical characterization of organic, inorganic and biological materials.

  • Optical microscopy (UV/Vis) Nikon Eclipse 80i equipped with a fluorescence module and a temperature-controlled stage (Linkam THMS600), and integrated with a digital camera. Samples can be analyzed both under controlled atmosphere and variable temperature (-196° - 600 °C).

  • Potentiostat/galvanostat µ Autolab Type III/FRA2 Metrohm is used for electrochemical characterization of materials and interfa

  • Mask aligner MJB4 SUSS MicroTec is used for the fabrication of micro and sub-micro structures by photolithography.

  • Spin coater Laurell ws-650-6NNP/Lite is used to deposit thin film of soluble materials and photoresists. 

  • Air plasma cleaner PELCO easiGlow is used for cleaning surfaces.

  • Automatic sputter coater Q150R - Rotary Pumped Coater is used to deposit gold films.


Responsible: Dr. Denis Gentili (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Location: CNR-ISMN Bologna

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