Hydrogen production through greenhouse gas conversion to help green transition

In this proposal we intend to study two processes, bireforming and catalytic pyrolysis of methane. Catalytic materials based on Ni as the active phase and alumina or silica as the support will be doped with indium and ceria to increase the resistance to coke poisoning and the stability of the active phase. These catalysts will be used to optimize the bireforming reaction to produce syngas with H2/CO= 2 and the methane pyrolysis reaction to produce pure H2 for fuel cell applications. 


  • Department of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Science (Dr. Anita Horvat)


ScientificResp: Dr. La Parola

Type: Bilateral CNR/HAS (Bulgaria)


Duration: 01/01/2023-31/12/2025