Development of high-conductivity smart fluids based on binary mixtures of surfactants

An innovative approach was recently developed to use mixtures of surfactants to give highly conductive fluids. The enhanced conductivity has been rationalized in terms of proton transfers from the molecules of one component to the molecules of the other component, with the formation of charged species in the liquid state (ionic liquid). The proposed work intends to achieve, by combined theoretical and experimental approaches, a thorough understanding of (i) the molecular self-assembly and of (ii) the conductivity mechanisms taking place when two liquid amphiphiles are mixed together. The final aim is to produce new mixtures with desired (improved) conductivity, which could be advantageously used in liquid membranes for fuel cells, ionic liquids – based lubricants, conductive fluids or additives in conductive glues.


University of Cardiff

Resp. Scientifico: Dr. Calandra/Dr. Leoni

Tipologia: Bilaterale CNR/ Royal Society (UK)E

Durata: 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2023