Novel Multilayered and Micro-Machined Electrode Nano-Architectures for Electrocatalytic Applications (Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers)

The project described in this research proposal aims to radically change the state of the art in electrode technology for fuel cells, water electrolyzers and for CO2 electroreduction. The project will achieve this by introducing a new method for fabrication at the nanoscale of multi-layered electrodes based upon thin layers of supported active metals on thin layers of metal oxide promoters. Such materials will improve efficiency and lower device costs by reducing dramatically the precious metal content and by improving the mass activity of the precious metals present (e.g. Pt in fuel cells). Another important aspect will be removing the need for expensive polymeric ionomers for electrode manufacture (e.g. Nafion) by having very thin and nanostructured electrodes. This project will also develop alternative membranes to suit the new electrode structures. Both electrode and membrane development will be supported by ex-situ and in-situ spectroscopic studies with state of the art instrumentation. Finally, optimized metal-metal oxide nanostructures will be fabricated using micro machining techniques and these will be tested in water electrolyzers, CO2 electroreduction and H2 fed fuel cells.


  • Università degli Studi di FIRENZE
  • Università degli Studi di PADOVA
  • Università degli Studi di MILANO

Resp. Scientifico: Dr. Cavallini
Tipologia: PRIN 2017
Acronimo: PRIN2017YH9MRK

Durata: 05/06/2019 – 05/12/2022