Laboratory of optical spectroscopy


Spectrochemical characterizations.

Laboratory of optical spectroscopy ISMN MLIB Ed10b.

The UV-Vis JASCO V 660 spectrometer is a double beams instrument, equipped with a double monocromator. The detector is phomultiplier diode. The wavelength range is from 190nm to 900nm, 0.2 nm in resolution, thought a deuterium lamp (187-350 nm) and an halogen one(330-900 nm). The system is provided to an integrated sphere of 60mm diameter and several other accessories, to analyze liquid, solid and thin film samples, in absorbance, transmittance and reflectance (specular and diffuse mode).


The Fluorolog-3 (Horiba) spectrofluorometer, in the Steady-State  configuration, is consisting of a 450 W xenon arc lamp, a double excitation monochromator, a sample compartment with a cuvette holder, a double emission monochromator, and a photomultiplier tube (PMT). The excitation range is 240-600nm, while the emission range is 290-850 nm. Time-resolved fluorescence measurements are carried out by a time-correlated single-photon-counting (TCSPC) system for molecular dynamics and using a 405 nm pulsed laser diode The fluorescence decay profiles were analysed through decay analysis software (DAS6a HORIBA Scientific) to a multiexponential decay equation. The spectrofluorimeter is also equipped with a solid-sample holder, for analysis of thin films and powders.

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