Cell colture


The cell colture laboratory has capacity for routine cell culture (feeding and sub culturing) and maintenance (cryo preservation for both adherent and suspension cell cultures). It has a Laminar flow biosafety hood (BioHazard, Asalair-Atlantic), two CO2 incubators (Thermo Scientific) for cell cultures, a basic inverted microscope (Eclipse TS100, NIKON), a refrigerated centrifuge (IEC CL30R Thermo Scientific), a bench top microcentrifuge for eppendorf (Mikro 120, Hettich); a thermostated waterbath (Memmert) for standard heating tasks in the laboratory; The lab equipments also include an autoclave and a liquid nitrogen dewar designed for the storage of cells at very low temperature, a standard chemical hood . Two combined fridge/freezer (+4°C/-20°C) and one freezer (-40°C) are dedicated for the maintenance and storage of biological samples and reagents. An automatic UV germicidal irradiation system for the sterilization of the room with an external master controller is installed in the lab.

Responsabile: Marianna Barbalinardo

Location: ISMN Bologna

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