Magnetic and magneto-optic characterization



At ISMN is available a laboratory for magnetic and magneto-optic characterisation equipped with:

Magnetic bioreactor equipped with an Inverted microscope
Magnetometer for magnetic characterization of nanoparticles, colloidal suspensions, or magnetic samples with weight up to 200g at room temperature with a maximum applied magnetic field 0.14T. The magnetic bioreactor is equipped with a peristaltic pump, a thermostat and in incubator in order to create the right conditions for cell cultures. Cells are placed between two powerful permanent magnets with variable distance

Magneto-electric and Magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE) set-up
Systems are equipped with continuous flow cryostat, with a minimum temperature of 4 K, Magneto-resistance set up allows 20 electrical contacts to be made, so that electrical transport of multiple samples can be characterized during the same measurement session. AC(impedance spectroscopy) and DC electrical characterizations can be carried out. Longitudinal Magneto Optical Kerr effect magnetometer is equipped with He-Ne laser , an electromagnet ((Hmax=0.3T)

Responsible: Dr. Alberto Riminucci, Dr.ssa Ilaria Bergenti
Location: ISMN Bologna

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