Dear participants,

Wonderful memories echo in my mind! Thanks for being there!

I hope you enjoyed the Symposium in every respect: science, social interaction, food, landscape beauties. Once more, I would like to thank all the speakers. The scientific level of the talks was really impressive. I would like also to thank the young scientists which attended the conference with genuine enthusiasm, dedication and scientific curiosity, key factors for a proper professional growth within the high profile research field. I would like to thank the sponsors that financially supported the organization of this event, the members of the scientific committees (International and Italian), all the colleagues involved in the organizational part with whom I also share the lab work day after day, my family for the unconditional moral support and all the staff members of the Lisciotto group with special regards to Nancy and Sabrina for their synergic work. They turned the organizing committee's ideas into real facts. And of course, all of you for your attendance. The science that you have brought and shared is the result of your being first and foremost a person.

My best wishes for a fruitful work.

Antonino Mazzaglia (Chair of 20th ICS)