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  Sede Partner Acronimo Data Resp. Scientifico
EU Magnetic Diagnostic Assay for neurodegenerative diseases - MADIA 2017-2019 Dr. Dediu
EU Heritage Resilience Against CLimate Events on Site - HERACLES 2016-2019 Dr.ssa Padeletti
COST Molecular Spintronics - MOLSPIN 2015-2018 Dr. Dediu
COST Towards Oxide-Based Electronics TO-BE 2014-2018 Dr.ssa Liotta
EU Phosphorene functionalization: a new platform for advanced multifunctional materials - PHOSFUN 2015-2019 Dr. Toffanin
EU Implementing the European Photonics21 PPP Strategy - EuroPho21 2015-2017 Dr.ssa Gabriella Leo
EU Low-cost / energy Efficient Oleds for lighting - LEO 2015-2017 Dr. Toffanin
EU NANOmaterials for the REStoration of works of ART - NANORESTART 2015-2017 Dr. Ingo
EU Modelling stability of organic phosphorescent light emitting diodes - MOSTOPHOS 2015-2017 Dr. Pecchia
Dr. Mercuri