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Materials and technologies for the sustainable Conservation and Fruition of Cultural Heritage

Research activities of ISMN are focused on the knowledge and conservation of Cultural Heritage (CH) by means of nano-technologies and nano-sciences, especially for the:

  • Advanced chemical, physical, morphological and structural characterization of the artifacts; 
  • Innovative synthesis and validation of low toxic and environmentally-friendly materials 
  • Development and implementation of sustainable conservation methods.

ISMN expertises in chemistry, materials science and nano-technologies applied to the CH field allow us to address a variety of issues concerning: (i) micro and nano-chemical, physical and morphological study of ancient artefacts (metals, glasses, ceramics, stones, mortars and paper) for the determination of their material composition, provenance, production processes and manufacturing technologies; (ii) assessment of the conservation state and study of chemical-physical phenomena at the micro and nano-scale for the identification of degradation agents and mechanisms ; (iii) design, synthesis and validation of new, long-lasting, reliable and non toxic materials and methods for conservation and their tailored application and validation.
The specific nature of the high value artifacts requires non-destructive and rarely - only when strictly necessary – micro-invasive treatments. Based on non-invasive or non-destructive analysis, data are processed in different ways in order to address problems of archaeometric interest (provenance studies, dating, technological expertise, exchange of knowledge and technologies and trade relations in the past) and conservation interest (monitoring of microclimate, storage environments and conditions, assessment and validation of innovative materials).
Research activities are also devoted to the identification and reconstruction of the ancient technologies for the production of CH artifacts.
The synthesis of innovative materials and products formulations has the protection of the environment and that of the health and safety of the restorer as its major targets, together with the preservation of CH items. In particular, sustainable nanostructured films and smart coatings for corrosion inhibition are developed, tested, optimized and validated.


Progetti Attivi

 AcronimoTitoloResponsabile scientifico


NANOmaterials for the REStoration of works of ART

Dr. Ingo


Heritage Resilience Against CLimate Events on Site

Dr.ssa Padeletti


paINTed mEtal aRteFActs ConsErvation

Dr.ssa Albini

AGM for CuHe

Materiali di nuova generazione per il restauro dei Beni Culturali: nuovo approccio alla fruizione

Dr.ssa Plutino

Progetti Conclusi

 AcronimoTitoloResponsabile scientifico


Mediterranean Conservation Alliance

Dr. Ingo


Cultural Heritage MUltiplatform System

Dr. Ingo

CNR-CNRS Marocco

New low-toxic and environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors for the conservation of copper-based artifacts

Dr.ssa Casaletto


Analisi della manifattura metallica precolombiana del Perù, con particolare riferimenot a oggetti d'oro e ricoperti d'oro

Dr. Ingo


Nanomateriali e nanotecnologie per lo sviluppo sostenibile e il patrimonio culturale

Dr.ssa Casaletto


Assessment of best practises for a safe exposure and storage of Cultural Heritage artefacts

Dr.ssa Casaletto


Nanotecnologie e Nanomateriali per i Beni Culturali

Dr.ssa Casaletto

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