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Magnetic Hybrid Nanostructured Materials and Systems

This research line focuses on the study of hybrid nanostructured magnetic materials, interfaces and devices for applications in the field of micro-nano electronics (ICT), sensors for biomedical and environmental monitoring, tissue regeneration and other innovative applications in nanomedicine.

In the field ofICT, the research is oriented towards the development and optimization of hybrid spintronic devices for future electronics: memories and magnetic/resistive logic gates,multifunctional memristorswith low-power consumption and other (beyond silicon and beyond CMOS).

The research include:

  • Development of complex techniquesfor the manufacturing of organic and inorganic nano-materials,(CSA- Channel Spark Ablation, UHV deposition techniques: thermal and e-beam evaporation, synthesis of hybrid organic/inorganic interfaces wet techniques, nanolithography, nano-oxidation)
  • advanced characterization of hybrid materials and interfaces, (Raman, scanning probe microscopy:AFM-CFM-MFM-SEM-TEM, synchrotron based spectroscopy XPS-XAS-XMCD, MOKE, Magnetometry, time resolved PL)
  • experimental and theoretical investigation ofspin and charge injection and transport.(4 probes AC/DC, time resolved EL)

The development effortsinclude device integration for flexible and wearable electronics.

Magnetic Hybrid Materials and Devices are thebuilding blocks of magnetic lab-on-a-chip for ultrasensitive diagnostics. Applications range from early diagnosis of various bio-markers to the monitoring of environmental contaminations.

Application of nanostructured magnetic materials in nanomedicine includes:

  • manufacturing and engineering of magnetic scaffolds for tissue regeneration (Hydroxyapatite, silk, gelatin and coral scaffoldsimpregnated with ferrofluids)
  • magnetization and magnetic manipulation of various cells types (by home built biomanipulator with field up to 0.15T)
  • development of innovative technologies for the magnetic cell 3D printing.


Magnetic nanoparticles are synthesized and studied for drug delivery and cancer therapies.


Progetti Attivi

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Molecular Spintronics

Dr. Dediu


Magnetic Diagnostic Assay for neurodegenerative diseases - MADIA

Dr. Dediu


Quantum Coherence in Nanostructures of Molecular Spin Qubits/p>

Dr. Dediu

Progetti Conclusi

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Magnetic Scaffolds for in vivo Tissue Engineering

Dr. Dediu


Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Interfaces

Dr. Dediu


Mature CIGS-based solar cells technology

Dr. Albonetti


Nanomagneti molecolari su superfici metalliche e magnetiche per applicazioni nella spintronica molecolare

Dr. Dediu


Interfacing Oxides

Dr. Dediu

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