On November 27th "ATHENA Green Solutions" S.r.l. was established, an Innovative Start-Up and Joint Spin-off and not attended by the National Research Council (CNR) and by the Univ. of Studies of Messina (UniMe), operating in the Environmental Technologies sector, through sustainable management of resources and innovative solutions aimed at Research and Development activities in the environmental, physical, chemical and biological fields as well as materials sciences and mineralogy geochemistry.


At the base of this Innovative Start-up is the Arginare entrepreneurial/patent idea ( ), which has participated in various local, regional and national business competitions, achieving excellent placements and receiving awards and prizes.

The company will operate in the field of environmental technologies, offering in addition to the materials/prototypes of the ArgiNaRe line, other products, methodologies, consultancy and services in multidisciplinary sectors and in the perspective of sustainability and recycling (see )

Mission and objectives of the company” ATHENA Green Solutions” are to research and produce systems and/or prototypes for the resolution of problems deriving from high environmental impact activities with particular reference to navigation means and to marine/coastal, industrial and urban pollution.

Furthermore, the initiative that is intended to start, taking advantage of the experiences acquired by the proposing subjects and taking inspiration from a strong and explicit market demand, proposes to be a point of excellence for consultancy, development and research for innovation of products and processes through the transfer of know-how and support to companies for the optimization of products and processes of interest in environmental technology.

Particular interest will be directed to the development of services for the monitoring, environmental, biological, chemical, physical, geological and eco-toxicological assessment of contaminated and non-contaminated matrices.

Board of Directors and a Scientific Council are composed by Dr. Maria Rosaria Plutino (President Cda, ISMN-CNR), by Dr. Simone Cappello (CTO, IRBIM-CNR) and by Dr. Giulia Rando (CIO, student of the Master's Degree course in Chemical Sciences, UniMe) members of the Board of Directors, and by Dr. Giuseppe Sabatino (COO, MIFT-UniMe Dept.) and Prof. Salvatore Magazù (President of the Scientific Board, Dip. MIFT-UniMe), members of the Scientific Board and co-founder of the Company.

The members of ATHENA Green Solutions S.r.l. are researchers working in the field of Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences and Physics specialized in the field of functional materials, chemical syntheses, physics, geology, fundamental and applied microbiology, in environmental recovery and protection, in the study of resources marine, in the use of natural or waste materials, and that have long been linked to each other by a consolidated scientific collaboration.

INFO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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