The Organizing Committee would like to cordially invite you to the next thematic workshop “Functional Materials for Healthcare” (Fun4Health).

The workshop will be held on April 6th, 2017 at the “University Club” of University of Calabria.

This will be a one day symposium, which will feature lectures and poster presentations on selected topics in the field of functional and innovative biomaterials research developments, spanning in the areas of pharmaceutical technology and medicinal chemistry, functional nanostructured materials and nanotechnology, engineering and applied science, textile and polymer chemistry by researcher leaders from academia and public research institution.

We plan to submit selected papers, based on conference talks, related discussions and the best poster presentations, for publication on a dedicated issue, “Functional Materials for Healthcare”, of the Journal of Functional Biomaterials (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/jfb).

We look forward to your participation in “Fun4Health” @UniCal.


 Yours sincerely,
The Organizing Committee
Maria Rosaria Plutino (ISMN-CNR)
Francesco Puoci (UniCal)
Giuseppe Rosace (UniBg)
Maria Stefania Sinicropi (UniCal)




The Workshop: Functional Materials for Healthcare (Fun4Health; Rende, ITALY: April 6, 2017) wishes to be an opportunity of presentation of innovative advances in the Design and Synthesis of Functional Materials with application in Healthcare area. The biomaterials field is indeed one of the largest and fastest growing multidisciplinary research areas, both in the scientific community and in the industrial one. Indeed, they are expected to open up new possibilities and applications in diagnostics, therapy, smart textiles, drug delivery, and tissue repair and regeneration.



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A Special Issue, Functional Materials for Healthcare (Special Issue Editors: Prof. Dr. F. Puoci; Dr. M. R. Plutino, Dr. G. Rosace, Prof. Dr. M. S. Sinicropi), will collect selected excellent papers and review from the Fun4Health workshop and it may be considered as a useful forum for communicating the latest findings and trends in the study of biomedical materials.

Topics keywords:
• Biomaterials
• Functional nanomaterials
• Smart systems
• Drug delivery
• Tissue regeneration
• Molecular imprinted polymers
• Controlled release
• Sol-gel technique
• Nanocomposite coating
• Pharmaceuticals

Special Issue "Functional Materials for Healthcare"




 Maria Rosaria Plutino (ISMN-CNR)


 Francesco Puoci (UniCal)


 Giuseppe Rosace (UniBg)


 Maria Stefania Sinicropi (UniCal)



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